Why choose us

How does one choose the best clinic?

All clinics have the best modern equipment, use 'cutting edge technology', meet regulatory standards, have brilliant 5 star testimonials and amazing teams.

So, how does one choose with so many well written sites? We can all be idealistic but lets be realistic. People choose us for three top reasons:

1. Peer Endorsement from dentist and our professional body

Dentists see all our work close up and from a professional basis. They can tell when its right.

We have treated over 60 children of local dentists and 7 dentists including 4 cosmetic dentists. When they choose us as their personal orthodontist, there is no greater endorsement.



“I have known Mahesh Patel for over two decades. As a discerning cosmetic dentist, I only work with the best specialists. This is why I refer my patients to Evolution Orthodontics. I had fixed braces with Mahesh a few years ago, my sister and my daughter has also had comprehensive fixed brace orthodontics. Mahesh’s skill, experience and dedication is unparalleled; his continuous pursuit of dental perfection has ensured his deserved reputation as a highly respected professional by his patients, colleagues and other leading dentists.” Ashish B. Parmar – Principal Dentist at Smile Design by Ash and The Academy by Ash.

High Clinical Standards

“I have been referring all my orthodontic patients to Evolution Orthodontics for the past 16 years and am always impressed by the high clinical standards of treatment they receive, whether on the NHS or privately. Evolution Orthodontics is my default referral practice. I absolutely feel that this is where you need to be referred if needing specialist, orthodontic treatment. Dr. Guy Simmons, BChD Dentist

BDA good Practice Comments

"There were no areas for development during the visit. The assessor also noted the clinic was one of the most organised and well-managed practices they'd had the pleasure of visiting and the practice would be an excellent addition to BDA Good Practice."

2. Compare our results to elsewhere

Bring up any case from our portfolio and compare it with other websites. Apart form the two two stock images below all the rest are our images and all without photo editing except colour correction and cropping.

3. The ability to put things to right when things do not do to plan


We have seen over treated over 36,000 since 1988. So what happens to the few when orthodontics does not go to plan?

This is when we come to one of our strongest assets in helping these individuals to pull through. There is a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path:

Click here to view our rescue missions.

It is our job to ensure you are in safe hands and we have your best interest at heart.