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Incognito Invisible Braces

“I am an architect with a client facing role and frequently need to visit projects onsite. Wearing a normal brace was not an option as I would have felt like a teenager. I wanted to be taken seriously, especially when supervising a largely male dominated workforce.

I visited many orthodontists before being recommended to Dr Patel. I felt comfortable with his reason-ing and experience and I finally gravitated to my lingual brace. No one could tell I was wearing a brace unless I told them, or until later in the treatment when they noticed a change in my jaw line and cheek structure that was changing to a nicer shape. It has been 4 years since completing treatment. I have moved a long way away and I still visit EVOLU-TION Orthodontics for my reviews.

My visits are always helpful and informative. Consequently I have this lasting beautiful and healthy result that I always wanted. The main change I notice has been my confidence. However, I also realised I felt more relaxed about how I feel and at ease around people.

Whatever your needs, I can honestly say this is THE ‘go to place’ not just for Incognito, but any orthodontic care. The care and attention to detail from personalised care to the ambiance dedicated to the creative aspects of music, art and photography, gives a more human dimension to the visits that I have always found warm and unique. In fact, it is worth visiting just for this experience alone! Not only do I have a wonderful result but will I always the fond memories of my visits - and for that I have to thank EVOLUTION Orthodontics.”



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