Fees - under 16's

£450-£2000 - Interceptive treatment in the young

This applies to patients who require correction of the bite of the teeth, protrusion or jaw development in the young while the child is growing.  Treatment time less than 6 months.

From £800 per arch - Simple treatment

This applies those who have basic mild irregularities and crowding and desire or need simple fixed braces in one or both jaws who have normal overbites, incisor angulations and have low risk profiles. Treatment time about 12 months. Terms and conditions apply.

From £1600 per arch - Intermediate complexity

This applies to those who have more irregularities and crowding. Terms and conditions apply.

From £2100 per arch - Advanced complexity

This applies to those as above but also need more complex needs e.g. deepbites, complex overjet, impactions, crossbites  corrections and attention to facial profiles. Terms and conditions apply.

Examples of our teenage orthodontics: teenage-orthodontics

Payment Terms and common questions

Initial visits:

Consultation: £55 which is refunded / transferred to treatment cost if this commenced within 6 months.  This is for photographs any necessary x-rays.

Treatment Plan and Report for interceptive treatment: £140. Interceptive treatments are often not very long so a £70 is refunded / transferred to treatment cost if this commenced. Includes prints or a 3D scan of the mouth.

Treatment Plan and Report for permanent dentition stage: £140. non refundable

A detailed 'Treatment Plan and Report' is not only very helpful but also for medico-legal reasons.


Vacuum formed retainers:  £95 each.

Ceramic appliance: £550 arch

Fixed retainers: £260 each

Are the fees paid all at once?

There are three options:

  1. One can fund monthly.
  2. Payment in full by the second visit can qualify for a discount.
  3. Alternative acceptable plan suggested by you.

There is no added interest charges. Terms and conditions apply and are given in the full report.

Common Questions:
  • Why at such a low fee compared to other orthodontists? Our surveys show this is an attractive and affordable model. We have developed efficient systems of delivering orthodontics  allowing us to complete a lot of treatments in 12-15 months rather than the standard 18-24 months. This means the time saving we pass to you with reduced cost of treatment.
  • What standard of work would I expect? Comparisons show we provide attention to detail which gives better aesthetics and long term stability. Exceeding expectations is a core values in our service. We achieve success by making every visit count towards achieving some of the best orthodontics as well as oral health care and maintenance programs.
  • Why come here? Families choose to come here for a number of reasons. Choice is an important factor. For example: choice of braces, appointment times and location. We deliver safe, high care with award winning services. The BDA with the Good Practice Award commented: ‘The assessor noted EVOLUTION Orthodontics was one of the most organised and well managed practices they had the pleasure of visiting’ and investing in quality team members: Investors in People Award: Recognising people choose services according to experiences with the staff, on our very first entry in 2017, were listed in the top 10 out of 267 for an award
Where are we located?

We have two locations:

  • 26, Clarence Ave, Gants Hill, IG2 6JH
  • 102, Queens Road, Buckhurst Hill, IG9 5BS. From late 2020

Both close to central line tube stations, bus networks and schools and metered parking.

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    26, Clarence Ave., Ilford, Essex, IG2 6JH
    Tel: 020 8518 1022
    102-104 Queens Rd., Buckhurst Hill, IG9 5BS ( from late 2020)