Adult Orthodontics

Is adult orthodontics different from teenage orthodontics?

Quite often adult orthodontics and teenage orthodontics is different and there are two groups of factors to consider:

1. The biology:

  • The main being growth reliant treatments are more challenging and need more careful planning.
  • Teeth in adults may have more wear and tear changes and dental alterations: e.g. bridges, implants, TMD, attrition.
  • As a result, adults may require combined expertise of other specialties. A common example is the support of a periodontist.

2. More personal requirements. Two common factors are:

  • Choosing the best invisible brace may be important as it may impact at work or socially.
  • Planning the shortest possible treatment time is understandably a huge factor. No adult patient wants to wear a brace. Almost every visit the challenge is to solve the shortest treatment time. This is where our team play a very important role - they will have the ability to prepare whatever the patients needs in an efficient and calm manner to ensure very visit is utilised effectively. This will get you to your goal as quickly as possible and to the highest standard.

What do braces look like?

We assume the aesthetics is generally a factor for adults and we have a number of appliances from invisible to miniature stainless steel to address each individual needs.

The option in choosing aligners, lingual fixed or ceramic appliances can depend on the treatment objectives the patient desires. Our specialist orthodontists will discuss your needs and advise on any advantages and disadvantages. Our range of braces and expertise allows us to put forward workable plans including combination of 'hybrid' bespoke systems that can provide the advantages of both accuracy and clear aesthetics. This makes adult orthodontics interesting and challenging in addressing individual needs.


Incognito Lingual Brace by EVOLUTION Orthodontics


Ceramic Clear Brace by EVOLUTION Orthodontics


Can some Adult Orthodontics Take a very short time?

Treatment times can be ridiculously short sometimes because we make each part of the brace and the shape of the teeth work with each other.

Here is an example os a result in 10 weeks when we pulled out all the stops and delivered the result due to a tight schedule. The quality and attention of detail is remarkable:

In 10 weeks


We can design braces that are 30-50% quicker in completing treatments. Click her to view fast-track orthodontics examples.

Major corrections: About 12-15 months is average if no teeth are removed and 18 months if teeth need to be removed as closing the spaces take more time than straightening the teeth.

What are 6 month braces?

This is a trade marked idea with the braces supplied by laboratories as a set with clear brackets and plastic coated wires. It is an American patented system. We do not use this system as our system is quicker and delivers better quality - often in half the time as seen in the above example. We choose and design individual braces for all our patients and are not pre-supplied by a laboratory. The exception being the Incognito lingual brace.

What is the cost of adult orthodontics?

Initial visits:

Consultation: £90. This includes photographs any necessary x-rays. You will be provided with a summary report.

Full Report: £140. This includes all radiographs and a comprehensive 12-14 page report, risk analysis and consent. It is a necessary item for all patient who are to undertake orthodontics.

Base costs single arch treatments:

Low range: £900 for single arch short and simple treatment less than 6 months.

Mid range: £1900 for single arch longer treatments of intermediate complexity less than 15 months.

Upper range: £2300 for single arch complex long treatments more than 24 months.

Cost is almost double for two arch treatment.


Ceramic appliance: £550 arch

Incognito:£2200 per arch

Fixed retainers: £260 each

Vacuum formed retainers: £95 each

Are the fees paid all at once?

No. There are three options:

1. £350 on fitted each brace and then £200 per month. This is the most popular

2.Advance payments: this would qualify for 3% discount.

3.Monthly payments: £250 per month with no upfront fees.

There is no added interest charges. Terms and conditions apply and are given in the full report.

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